Ivory Crown II

Ivory Crown Luxury Homes II​

Ivory Crown Luxury Homes II Gadduwa Abuja was designed to provide both luxury and comfort in an ambiance of tranquility and scenery.

Residents and owners of properties in this estate will definitely enjoy the prestigious environment and the aura of class that comes with fulfillment. Surrounded by nature and other basic amenities that ensue comfort and style.

Ivory is derived from the tusk of an African elephant which stands for reliability, stability and quality in the same vain crown in its self connote royalty, class and luxury. It therefore suffice to say ivory crown luxury home offers style, class, quality, form and functionality.

Our home are delivered to the highest possible standard, thereby meeting the expectation of our client by providing affordable comfort and value which is common to all our developments. The constant quest to be extra-ordinary has been our motivating factor and inspiration to succeed in providing comfort for customers satisfaction.

Ivory crown luxury homes II will showcase a life style of its own combining a sense of modernity and contemporary living. The houses are beautifully arranged in a spectacular sequenced through out the estate to give the client an unmatched view. This buildings are made up of quality blocks carefully plastered. The roof are made up of stone coated alu-zinc still roof. The windows are also made up of high quality casement windows. The doors are of high quality flush doors.

Ivory Crown luxury Homes II features a contemporary designs which exude style, value, class, comfort living and affordable luxury. Our phase 1 of Ivory crown luxury home Maitama which is bond equity.

The Estate is situated at plot 1826, Cadastral Zone: B13, of Gaduwa District. Developing on 1.13 hectares of land, comprising of 13 unit of 4 bedroom duplexes, 1 blocks of 4 units of bedroom terrace duplex and 1 unit of 3 bedroom block of flat.

This is your opportunity to own prime real Estate in one of the most desired sought after location in the F.C.T, which once completed will promote an alluring luxurious and harmonious living which encompasses unique amenities to meet your desired taste.


4 Bedroom Duplex



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4 Bedroom Terrace Duplex



_____________________________ SOLD OUT (1) _____________________________ AVAILABLE (3) _____________________________

4 Bedroom Block of Flat



_____________________________ SOLD OUT (4) _____________________________ AVAILABLE (2) _____________________________



  • Gaduwa District
  • Five minutes drive from city centre
  • Asphalted access road from the major entrance to the estate
  • NCDC Monocular Lab
  • Gaduwa Estate
  • Oando filling station
  • Louis Vontino


  • Perimeter Fencing
  • Asphalted internal road
  • Dedicated transformer
  • Effective drainage system
  • Dual water supply system (FCT waterboard “main”. Estate water supply system “redundant”)
  • CCTV Security System
  • Children Playing Ground
  • Street Light
  • Optic fiber base intercom system

Title Document

  • Right of occupancy (RofO)
  • Building plan approval

Client Document

  • Letter of allocation
  • Receipt of payment
  • Sales agreement
  • Deed of partition
  • Deed of Assignment